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08 Jul 2020


In the face of load shedding and global warming we have decided to take a stand and we are investing in our business, our clients, and in our planet.

During the month of June, we completed the installation of a solar power plant at our head office in Table View. This now provides an uninterrupted supply of 3 phase electricity to this office and ensures that our central servers and our main switchboard will never be shut down by load shedding or other power cuts again. We can therefore maintain our high levels of service to our clients (with a lower carbon footprint) even while Eskom is dropping the ball.

Better still, the excess power generated by the solar panels will soon be fed back into the grid, thereby providing additional electricity to our community, and reducing everybody’s reliance on Eskom’s coal generated power.

We are very proud of this initiative and we hope you will be too!

The system we have installed is state of the art and we could not have managed to do this without the support of our clients and our partners in property. We thank you for this and we look forward to providing you with the same consistently high levels of service that is our standard.

So, when you are thinking about a conveyancing attorney, think about Miltons Matsemela and our green initiative. Our lights will be shining brightly, even when others are in the dark.

Warmest regards,

Miltons Matsemela
8 July 2020

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