06 Sep

A September to Remember!

We as South Africans sport a very rich cultural history that is rooted in the celebration of who we are, where we came from and more importantly, where we are going. Heritage month has arrived, and we are urged as a nation to reflect on our history that molded our presence, and which will pave the way for our future.

The South African Constitution supports and protects our country, our heritage and our culture. Our Constitution is regarded as one of the most progressive and fairest pieces of legislation in the world. Our legal system protects us and regulates the mechanisms that allow us to live in a free and fair environment. We are fortunate to be living in a country where our different cultures are celebrated and encouraged.

South Africa is in the middle of economic uncertainty and we are being judged by the world and exposed to opinions and accusations that influence our daily lives. Whispers are heard around every corner about people wanting to liberate their investments and run for the hills or hide money under mattresses. The current decreasing housing market is a big factor in the economy as property owners are focusing on the fact that their investments are not achieving ideal prices. If we look at this from a different angle, as perspective is one the most valuable traits a person can possess, we have arrived at a market more favourable for buyers. This is where first time buyers can get a foot in the door with a decreased prime interest rate and reduced sale prices. We are also experiencing a positive outcome from financial institutions when people are applying for bonds and other funding. The fact that our market is experiencing a dip creates opportunity for new investors and related service providers to inject our economy with fresh ideas. We have access to resources and we are players in a free market system, we need to stay true to our heritage and seek opportunities to rise above the hurdles.

It is important to note that South Africans are the most resilient people who have ever walked this earth and when a nation as powerful as ours is able to give way to differences and act together, there will be nothing that can stop us.

On Heritage Day the entire country will light the fires of hope and prosperity in celebration of OUR day and we should then take a moment and appreciate where we are, where we came from and where we are going. Let’s make this September one to remember.

September 2019