10 Jun


By now you will all have heard that the Cape Town Deeds Office has closed yet again, because one of their staff have allegedly come into c ontact with someone who is allegedly Covid-19 positive.  As such and for now, our registrations are yet again on hold and we can again not predict with any certainty when our transfers and bonds will register.

Yesterday, the Cape Town Attorneys Association (CTAA) sent a letter to the Deeds Office demanding that it reopen, because we are all of the view that there are no proper grounds for a complete closure. In their letter the CTAA threatened to bring an urgent High Court application to address the matter if no positive response was received. The Deeds Office has not responded.

Accordingly, the CTAA, as well as the Tygerberg Attorneys Association and the Institute for Estate Agents, are busy preparing an urgent application to Court which is scheduled to be heard on Friday 12 June 2020. The chances are however that the matter will be postponed to a date next week.

As part of the CTAA, Miltons Matsemela agrees with this approach and we are contributing towards the costs of these court proceedings. We believe that there is now too much at stake for us just to sit back while our business and the businesses of our partners in property are failing.

We will keep you posted on developments.

Warmest regards,
Miltons Matsemela Inc

10 June 2020