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Sectional Title<br /> - Andrew Murray

Payment Clauses - Robert Krautkramer

Capital Gains Tax & Staying safe in Cyberspace - Deon Welz

Suspensive & Resolutive Conditions - Izak Venter

Parties to a contract<br /> - Nadia de Kock

Property Descriptions - Andrew Murray

POPI- Deon Welz

Compliance Certificates - Andrew Murray

Voetstoets - Robert Krautkramer

Costs - Nadia de Kock

Building Plans - Robert Krautkramer

The Conveyancing Process - Izak Venter

Breach and Commission Clauses- Robert Krautkramer

Title Conditions, Servitudes & Usufruct - Andrew Murray

Professional Negligence and Cyberfraud - Robert Krautkramer

VAT vs Transfer Duty; Withholding Tax; Estate duty v transfer duty

What entity to buy land in with Robert Krautkramer and Fanus Jonck

Rezoning, departures and consent use - Robert Krautkramer and Karla Burger

Andrew Murray - 72Hour Clause and the Difference between T&C's

Property Practitioners Act - Robert Krautkramer 2022

The Conveyancing Process - Izak Venter

Compliance Certificates Electrical, Plumbing, Gas etc - Nadia De Kock

Sectional Title Management - Robert Krautkramer

How to construct a Development - Andrea Van Nelson

Zoning with Herbie Oosthuizen

FICA,RMCP Webinar - Robert Krautkramer

Virtual Forum - Aug 2020

Miles for Smiles Youth Day Beach Run

Bond conditions that require plans or occupancy certificates. Who must pay? - Robert Krautkrämer

Dealing with Deceased Estates: A practical overview - Nadia de Kock

Notarial Attestation - Andrew Murray

Foreign Buyers and Sellers, Payment with Crypto Currency and Off shore funds - Robert Krautkrämer

Expropriation without Compensation: Bill passed by Parliament on 28 September 2022 - Robert Krautkrämer

Estate Agents Code of Conduct - Robert Krautkrämer

Cyber Fraud & “How to maximise the value of your property“ - Robert Krautkrämer & Karla Burger

Foreign Buyers & Expatriating Funds Back Off-Shore - Nadia De Kock & Debbie Hawtrey

Discovering latent defects prior to transfer - Robert Krautkrämer

FICA Update & Revision - Robert Krautkrämer

Effective Cause- Robert Krautkrämer

When is a deal suspicious - Robert Krautkrämer

Design your life and your sales - Leonie Stanley

Sentinel Homes - Robert Krautkrämer & Renier Kriek

Building Plans - Robert Krautkrämer & David Holliday

Dealing with Loadshedding - Robert Krautkrämer & Hercules Weyers

Q&A Webinar Competition - Robert Krautkrämer

Compliance Certificates - Robert Krautkrämer & Tyron Vomberg

FICA Webinar - Robert Krautkrämer

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