30 Apr

SMEs Prepare for the 2018 Flu Season

With the Northern Hemisphere emerging from a particularly bad flu season, expect South Africa to be hard hit this winter. The H3N2 strain seems to be a particular concern because of its association with pneumonia and other complications.

The sick-leave cost to the economy is going to be huge, and SMEs are particularly vulnerable. Think about how much it costs your business in both direct and indirect losses when you or key staff are laid low for days or weeks on end.

The advice in these websites may help you in both your business and your personal life (just remember there’s no substitute for proper medical advice!) –

  • Time Magazine’s “Want to Protect Yourself from Getting the Flu? Get Some Sunshine” on its website.
  • “You Asked: How Can I Avoid Getting Sick?” also on Time.
  • “6 Flu Vaccine Myths” on LiveScience.
  • “Weekend Recipe: A Hearty Chicken Soup That’s Good for Your Soul and Immune System” also on Time.
  • “What to Eat (and Drink) When You Have the Flu” (watch the video) also on Time.
  • “Common Cold Treatments That Can Actually Make You Sick” on HealthLine.

As a bonus, treat yourself to “10 Healthy Cold-Weather Snacks that’ll Warm You Right Up” on Prevention.com.