11 Jan

Stick to Your New Year Resolutions with stickK.com

Whether we’re talking about your business or your private life, sticking to your goals and resolutions can be as hard as it is important.  Multiply (x3) your chances of succeeding with the free goal-setting platform stickK.com (the “K” stands for the Commitment Contract you enter into).

In a nutshell –

  • It was created by behavioural economists at Yale University and is specifically structured to help you leverage the power of incentives and accountability.
  • It works by providing you with the tools you need to fight back against human nature.  You use the psychological power of loss aversion and accountability to drive behavior change.
  • You create your own custom plan-of-action for how you’re going to turn your goal into a reality by defining your goal, picking a timeline to accomplish it, and putting something at stake (whether it’s money or your reputation).   You effectively enter into a wager with yourself, and pay for your transgressions.
  • You can appoint Referees and Supporters to help you along, and you can join Communities of others with similar goals.
  • Businesses can create Corporate Accounts to assist employees, reduce health costs and increase productivity.

Read the Privacy and Security page before signing up.