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This is our core business. From day one the founders of this firm realised that conveyancing was all about money and that time is money. We therefore developed a philosophy whereby the achievement of the transfer date agreed to was virtually the sole measurement of “good work”. The members of our firm are therefore all conditioned to deal with each and every transaction as if it was their own property and as if they needed the proceeds from the sale desperately. We have therefore developed management systems which are tried and tested with multiple safety nets all designed to achieve a single purpose, namely that sellers get the money which they are entitled to quickly and buyers get good title to the property paid for.

Over and above this we realised that the traditional style of conveyancing practice to a large degree excluded the clients from the “information channel” thereby contributing to a degree of unhappiness and distrust of the conveyancing system. We therefore developed an interviewing style which was designed to ensure that the client is fully informed of the conveyancing roadmap ahead and equally informed of the role which the client is expected to play. This was then combined with channels of meaningful regular reporting to all clients on the progress made in their transactions. This reporting system has since been significantly enhanced by online reporting which now enables our clients to determine progress when they want to know rather than when we want to tell them.

In the final analysis we have learnt that a happy client is primarily an informed client who has been allowed and encouraged to participate in the conveyancing system and who gets what is due to him as quickly as reasonably possible. We try to ensure that all our clients during and at the end of the process are “happy clients”.

For further enquiries and assistance please contact the following designated persons:

Fred Wille, Director
Andrew Murray, Director
Willie Knoetze, Director
Francois Tredoux, Director
Michael Ngubeni, Director
David Lotz, Director
Teresa Grauso, Director
Robert Krautkramer, Director
Jolene Jacobs, Director
Kristen Searle, Director
Nadia de Kock, Director
Izak Venter, Director
Andrea Van Nelson, Director
Quintin Combrink, Director

Milton Koumbatis, Consultant
Deon Welz, Consultant

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